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SynaTek Solutions

A 130-year-old company repositions and launches an all-new line of products

Over its 130-year history, SynaTek had grown from Pennsylvania fertilizer supplier into a diversified manufacturer and distributor of dozens of products within the golf, landscape, agricultural and ice melt industries. Though their offering was formidable, brands and products had come on board over the decades without consideration for order or coherence.

Two issues would drive our work: 1) SynaTek’s new organic brand, Branch Creek, was to become the company’s standard bearer for a more environmentally-conscious position. 2) Our golf industry experience and relationships helped link SynaTek with GolfNow Business Solutions’ discount buying program, Ride. This partnership would expose our client’s catalog to GolfNow’s thousands of golf course operations — $1MM+ potential annual sales and a definite accelerant for SynaTek’s national ambitions.

To be a national player, they needed to look the part — structured, cohesive, authoritative. A little housecleaning was in order, organizing their impressive assets and crafting a clear-eyed road map to reshaping their brand.

Under a new corporate umbrella — SynaTek Solutions — we built a brand/product visualization that quickly articulated the organization’s breadth and depth. It was a powerful tool used both internally and externally to illustrate our client’s capabilities.

From there we could focus on polishing SynaTek Solutions’ touch points — website, trade show strategy, direct marketing, ebooks, infographics, and a library of visuals, iconography and statistical ammo to add heft and authority to all of their email and social media outreach.

The sum total of who I am today is directly equal to the pieces of my past.

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