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It sucks to have a superior product but low consumer awareness and engagement. A multimillion-dollar marketing budget can solve the problem, of course. But for Noxgear, imagination and facility with digital tactics were in order to get them where they deserved to be.

Noxgear offered two products: Lighthound, a vest for dogs, and Tracer 360, their signature product for nighttime runners, walkers and cyclists. Hashtags #RUNSAFE and #SAFEDOG populated our social media promotion that was powered by contests, influencers and a sophisticated drip email marketing campaign. Improved cart abandonment and retargeting strategies added to the program. The content incorporated well-researched safety data to lend authority to our advertising and influencers.

Long story short, it’s in the numbers, and Noxgear discovered the power in a well-run content and social marketing campaign. Here’s what we did for Noxgear:

Contest Entry

Safety statistics reinforced the need for Noxgear’s products while we captured customer data.

Landing Page

Building trust with product benefits, company history, founders’ authenticity and testimonials.

Social Media Promotion (ads)

Awareness strategy was heavy on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Influencer Marketing

Contracting with thought leaders the target market follows boosted awareness and accelerated website traffic.

Email Marketing

Client’s database plus new leads received contest promotion and time-sensitive discount offers that drove site traffic and sales.

Content is fire; social media is gasoline.

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