Direct Marketing

Players 1st

While Players 1st is crushing it in Europe, the American market has been slow to bite.

Their product — automated surveys that reveal true customer opinions and tons of valuable and actionable data that courses can use to shape their golf experience to grow revenue and create loyalists — is simple to use and affordable. So what’s the problem?

Not so much a problem as a hurdle. Our research reveals ingrained biases and inertia are commonplace in golf operations and challenging to overcome. The largest bias is probably failure to recognize the value of customer experience management.

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is common in the hospitality industry. Hotels and restaurants routinely sample their customers to see how they are doing, where they can improve. Not so in golf. The rare operator that does survey typically relies on a tool far less capable and powerful than Players 1st’s.

Bottom line: Our research revealed a target profile who may be aware that customer experience is a “thing” but are not sure what it means or why it should matter. He is also wary of technology, often stubborn, always busy and not prone to invest much time (or money) to figure it all out.

Our strategy is to break his inertia and make it easy for him to both understand the value of CxM, and give it a shot.

Social and email marketing provoke the target with the idea that Players 1st knows valuable secrets about his customer. The prospect is driven to a landing page that offers punchy, easy-to-grasp case studies. Most importantly, the invites offers him the opportunity to take the platform for a spin for free.

Customer Experience Management (CxM) is the most important investment a brand can make in today’s business climate.

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