This is who we are.

Founded in 1985 as Burris, Creech and Tuttle, 54 Brands, is a Charlotte, NC-based marketing and communications company known for generating and executing big ideas that lead businesses to continuous growth. Our experience spans decades across several industries. We find new approaches to the “same-old, same-old,” bringing fresh eyes for watching and open ears for listening … and, most often, a fresh voice for communicating.

Here’s what we believe.

B2B marketing takes passion, guts, tenacity and authenticity. It’s the combination of data, logistics, research, design and instinct that gives us the ability to create the emotional, eye-opening, heart-thumping moments that inspire. It’s about creating moments that matter, big and small, that impact employees’ relationships with their employers, brands with customers and companies with partners.

We keep asking “why?”

Consumers follow brands that know what they stand for and authentically live those values. This is their essential truth or their why. You have yours nailed down? Great. Need some help pulling it into an easy-to-tell story? News flash: We’re great storytellers. We can give your why a voice that carries across everything you do.

We never stop ideating.

We believe powerful, show-stopping ideas can come from anywhere. We thrive in front of a white board and recommend bringing an umbrella to our brainstorms—they’re pretty stormy. We’re always pushing to make good ideas better and get them seen and heard by the right people.

We are masters of our craft.

We’re great at what we do because we love what we do. Our diverse group of marketing and creative experts nationwide use the right data, creative, and medium to create awe-dropping results. Yeah, we said “awe” there because we’re passionate about bringing a brand’s story to life in a meaningful way—and we have a lot of fun in the process.

We are all about B2B marketing.

We get it. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, for clients big and small, in a lot of different industries. From startups to companies with long histories, we understand their challenges and how to turn complex processes into simple, actionable steps that get meaningful, positive results. In short, we get it, and we get it done.

54 Brands is part of the herd.

54 Brands is a full service B2B marketing company within Buffalo Groupe, a collection of dynamic agencies, research companies, and event organizations focused on brands in the golf, outdoor recreation, travel, lifestyle, real estate, and sport world. Together, we have 100+ experts nationwide working relentlessly to deliver whatever your brand needs to tell your story, connect with your people, grow your brand and lead your industry.

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The meaning behind “54.”

In golf, if you shoot a 54—that’s a perfect round. And even though it’s never been done in official tournament history, when it comes to the brands we serve, we’re up for the challenge.

We’ve been shaping brands for over 30 years.

The right people make things happen.

Even though we've grown quite a bit, we're still nimble as all get out. When clients need specialized hands on deck, our national network of providers, groomed and proven over the years, step up to the plate (or should we say tee?). It is this nonstop collaboration between creative, brilliant people and our clients that gets us impressive results.

close-up of Jack Burris

Jack Burris

Managing Director

close-up of Morgan Bridges

Morgan Bridges

Graphic Designer

close-up of Brady Chase

Brady Chase

Multimedia Artist & Animator

close-up of Jesse Cummings

Jesse Cummings

Digital Director

close-up of Suzanne Frisch

Suzanne Frisch

Project Manager

close-up of Ginny Gaylor

Ginny Gaylor

Writer & Editor

close-up of Ben Hutchinson

Ben Hutchinson



Laura McGetrick

Art Director

close-up of Lindsay Paulino

Lindsay Paulino

Account Coordinator

close-up of Tommy Saunders

Tommy Saunders

Account Manager

close-up of Kevin Schmoll

Kevin Schmoll

Art Director

close-up of Flerida Vanderslice

Flerida Vanderslice

Art Director

close-up of Dean Wagner

Dean Wagner

Creative Director

close up of Jessica Young

Jessica Young

Senior Art Director