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“The industry has some shady players. We want to change that.”

First, the backstory: A highly capable team within a value-add reseller company wants to break out and do their own thing. Nothing new there. Tons of value-add resellers in the IT space. And, frankly, a not inconsiderable number of them are, shall we say, less than stellar. “There’s a big opportunity to do business the right way,” one of principals said during one of our meetings.

That gave us a place to start. After a long immersion session with the entrepreneurs, we had even more substance around which to create and nourish a brand. These guys were the real deal — smart, experienced, nimble and totally committed to transparency and candor. They talked about telling clients things they may not want to hear in order to protect their interests … removing speed bumps … flattening the mountains of misinformation.

The subsequent naming exercise, like all naming exercises these days, was a marathon of creativity, URL/trademark research and heartbreak (so much great stuff is owned). In this case, the new company’s “why” — the reason the market needs them — lived within their commitment to honesty, transparency and promise to remove the hurdles typical in the IT partnership process. LEVEL was born.

Logo, brand story, mission, values, website, company paper and PR — all the necessities to be seen as “legit” — were ready for launch.

Pro tip: It’s better to be who you are and find the customers who relate than to manufacture a fraudulent brand story and hope no one catches on.

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