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Kirkland, Inc.

We Build The Good Ones

In our initial research we found that the Kirkland logo was already recognizable, prominently featured on substantial, black, dual-posted signs at every active job site. And because those job sites tended to be custom home construction projects in the community’s more affluent neighborhoods, we knew that brand awareness wasn’t a problem. In order to build on that awareness, we wanted to gain control over the language that went with the logo, to articulate just what the name, brand and logo should suggest, what it should say to those who saw it.

Further, the design/build firm’s eponymous founder wanted to pivot toward larger and more profitable commercial projects, so helping prospective corporate customers translate Kirkland’s history and value would be important.

In short, when one passed by a construction project with the Kirkland sign on a property, we wanted you to respect the owner’s good judgment for choosing this builder and to recognize that the owner as well as the builder shared in the value of doing things the right way. “We Build The Good Ones” created the language that articulated the brand. Adding that sentence to the existing logo connected the brand to a high quality and good taste.

Kirkland continues to trust us with their marketing and communications and website development so they can stay focused on building the good ones.

“It’s really nice to know that the partner we selected is an organization that goes above and beyond what’s expected.”

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